totoro_hunter (totoro_hunter) wrote,


I got this bag as a gift from a Chinese trainee who's wife got hit by a car causing him to return to China. The wife was not injured too critically and is busy recovering.

I don't want to be picky about a gift but... I kind of suspect he was asked to hand it out given the Olympic theme and the extreme effort the Chinese have made. I'm fairly sure people don't normally give out fanny packs that have a picture of... blushing panda Planeteers? That one on the left looks more like a witch actually. It's hard to be sure.

Anyways, I'm sad to see him go under such circumstances. He had that deathly stressed look so told him to take care of himself. His departure leaves us with the three trainees who have the hardest time as they are switching what type of coding they are doing and don't speak English very well.

My immediate manager keeps fussing with the schedule. I completed a set of tasks that was supposed to take 60 work days in about 8 days. I'm not the best at estimating things but: (60 / 8 = 7.5). Not the best guess. I can take the next 52 days off right? right?!

Oh, and I'm glad I don't work for The State of California. The governator is planning on punting many of the state employees to the federal minimum wage. The state minimum wage being much too high of course.

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