totoro_hunter (totoro_hunter) wrote,

Yay hallucination!

I was suddenly woken up this morning and I hallucinated some scorpion creature (with no tail) on my bookshelf. I then turned my head and hallucinated another one, or perhaps the same one, next to my alarm clock. Fortunately, I was aware of it being unreal and just sat up in bed reading the time on my alarm clock and they went away in about a half second.

That's the first time I've visualized something like that. I suspect I was dreaming something and it didn't quite go away for a second or two despite waking up. I also sat up suddenly after being awakened which can cause all the blood to rush from your head if the reflex to constrict your blood flow doesn't kick in.

Despite the phantom scorpions, that was not the strangest I felt this week. Two days ago I was rather confused while taking my usual walk after noticing that there was not much water in the creek and that it was flowing uphill. I stared at the creek for a bit wondering if there had been a major earthquake I hadn't noticed when I remembered that they had just recently installed large pipes behind me.

I walked upstream and, sure enough, they had planted two large water pumps and they were piping the water further downstream so they could drain an area to work and do flood prevention work. I was amused to see two young boys playing in the newly exposed mud. I was not familiar with the particular game but I believe it was some variation on the timeless "hit your younger brother with big clods of mud".

And now for Daily Show + tea.

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