totoro_hunter (totoro_hunter) wrote,


It is slightly over 100 degrees Fahrenheit here in Petaluma and the server I was using for work had its AC unit die, causing it to overheat. It is probably now a write off. People are shutting down other equipment and moving fans into the server room.

I'm considering sneaking home even though it's only 2:38 PM. It is tempting, very tempting.

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The server doesn't have overtemp protection?!?! O_o What kind of WalMart servers are they buying out there? LOL
Our lab AC units went out one night and by the time we got in at 8am that place was pretty darn toasty. We shut off our machines but a lot of people tried to continue to work in the sauna. forget it!!
Well, after the fact I learned that it did turn itself off, but then it wouldn't turn back on because the temperature stayed too high.
Oh good. Yeah that's how we build ours. ;) Keeps your hard drives (and precious data!) from burning up!
Ah, my lab is wonderfully cool!