totoro_hunter (totoro_hunter) wrote,

Haven't posted in a while so...

Time for an inappropriately brief unsorted list!

  • Went to BBQ. Invited hadrianthegreat along. She had a cute outfit that did not involve swishy pants. Watched large man beat people up in Wii boxing.
  • Got a 13% raise and new job title. Care surprisingly little about this.
  • Went to wind fair with assorted types. There was this thing I wanted but it was $1500 (it got some awards) so I settled for a small metal robot thing which my parents really liked. Go figure.
  • I still keep getting job inquiries from my old resume back when I first graduated.
  • I wrote a program that shows how much code each programmer is contributing at work but I don't want to show anyone the results because... well... *cough*.
  • Still training Chinese workers. Have noticed that the ones that speak English better tend to be more competent at other things. Suspect the ones who did well in English did better at school in general.
  • Have apparently changed father's behavior as a manager by complaining about my managers.
And my journal is now fully up to date. Sort of. :)
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